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Different Kinds of Bike Stunts

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An extraordinarily daring trick on bike with the sole aim to entertain or earn money can be termed as a “Bike Stunt”. During yester years, when the world lacked the use of simulation and side effects generated by computers, actual bike stunts were arranged for shoots of movies.

Today bike stunts are carried on as a hobby or amusement. Pursuits of such acts require great precision, skill, physical strength and a lot of endurance on the part of the performer. Hours, or perhaps weeks of practice is needed before a bike stunt perpetrator is ready to exhibit his talent.

Bike stunts are many depending upon performer’s courage and imagination. Some being:

  • X-up – The rider turns the handlebars 1800 and crosses his arms during airtime.
  • Tabletop – The performer jumps, turns the handlebars 900, turning the bike horizontally.
  • Can-Can – Where the performer swings either of his legs over the handlebars.
  • Disco – Is taking opposite leg and arm off the bike.
  • Superman – Taking both feet off the pedals, stretching them behind.
  • Nothing – Taking both hands and feet off for a short while.
  • Back flip – During airtime, the rider spins around.
  • Bumpy-hop – Involves taking both wheels off flat ground.

While being thrilling for the performer and the spectators, bike stunts involve high risk factor. A bike stunt may turn bad and there is apprehension and threat to the performer looming ahead. Some people have the craving for excitement and will go to any extent to get it, even by jeopardizing their lives.


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